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Blackberry & Raspberry Mug Cake

Blackberry & Raspberry Mug Cake

Type: BreakfastDessert Suitable For: Low calorieLow carb

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Low Calorie Mug Cakes for a Filling Breakfast 

These blackberry and raspberry mug cakes are deliciously low in calories and make for a substantial breakfast dish, snack or even an evening treat.

Since culinary-superstar and slimming food-blogger Debs (@slimmingworlddebsx) switched us onto them, the team at Lo-Dough have fallen head over heels in love with Lo-Dough mug-cakes.

Blackberry and Raspberry mugcake

Prepped in just a few minutes and cooked in even fewer, these redefine the meaning of fast food. Super low calorie and low-carb too, these fruity beauties can be served as an early morning pick-me-up or an indulgent, sweet evening-treat.  

Why not take the pre-prepared mix into the office, microwave for two minutes and then head back to your desk to be the envy of all your colleagues? 

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