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Low-Calorie Chicken Katsu Wrap

Low-Calorie Chicken Katsu Wrap

Type: Wraps Suitable For: High fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbLow fatSlimming friendly

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The Lowest Carb Way To Enjoy Katsu Chicken!

As an alternative to the big mound of rice normally found alongside a katsu curry, we've come up with the chicken katsu wrap. While our Lo-Dough chicken katsu and rice contains 30g of carb, this wrap version brings it down to 10g. With the carbs coming down, so are the calories - this one clocks in at an astonishing 238 kcal. 

It also packs a massive 14g of fibre - nearly half your recommended daily intake... fibre is shown in study after study to have a massive effect on satiety (the feeling of fullness) - A meal made with Lo-Dough will leave you feeling fuller for longer. 

Low-Calorie Wrap

The Ultimate Low-Calorie Wrap 

For a perfect tortilla-like texture, we recommend rolling it flat before filling. We've packed our low-cal wrap with breaded chicken, crispy cabbage, fragrant coriander, a few slices of onion and then sauced it with some curry and a good blob of mayo. All of that loveliness and we've still only hit 238 calories. 

Next time you make a katsu curry, cook an extra piece of chicken and it in a wrap the next day - trust us, hot or cold, it's delicious!