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Low-Calorie Enchiladas

Low-Calorie Enchiladas

Type: Mains Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carb

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These Low-Calorie Enchiladas Tick ALL The Boxes

Low-calorie, low-carb, high-fibre & ridiculously tasty - this enchilada recipe, made with Lo-Dough, has it all! It's ready in under an hour and is pretty much the perfect weekend recipe! In can be scaled up or down very easily, so could easily become a family meal. This recipe is written for 4 pieces of Lo-Dough, but you can easily adjust for less/more if needed.

Per portion, these come in at an amazing 336 calories, 14g of carbs and a massive 43g of protein and 11g of fibre. For a flavour-packed, cheesed and sauced up enchilada, this is nothing short of miraculous! 

Note - the carbs can easily be reduced further by altering the choice of veg and leaving out the passata from the recipe.

Low Calorie Mexican

A Low-Calorie Mexican Classic

Enchiladas were first mentioned in writing in the 19th century, but they are understood to have roots dating back to Mayan times. Popular in both Mexico and the American Southwest, enchiladas come in a number of flavour varieties and can be filled with beef, chicken or any vegetables of your choice. In this case, we have gone with chicken and veg - red and yellow peppers, mushrooms and onions, but it's really just a case of putting in whatever you happen to like. 

There are a fair few ingredients on the list, but it's still a reasonably simple recipe to make and the finished dish is totally worth the effort... trust us!