Low Calorie Mini Egg Brownies


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Prep information

Prep time
10 minutes
Cook time
25 minutes
Recipe by
Michael at Lo-Dough

Nutritional information (per brownie)

110 kcal

Using your favourite Easter sweets to dress up some amazing low calorie brownies

Nothing says Easter like a bag of sugar, coated chocolate eggs, but for those on restrictive diets or just trying to loose weight, those bags come with all the usual baggage.

Rather than scoffing the lot straight out the bag (and really, there's no shame in that), one great trick is to use them as decoration and make them go that little bit further. Rather than putting them on regular, high sugar/fat cakes, use them to decorate our fantastic low-calorie brownies made with the Lo-Dough Brownie Mix.

Don't miss out on chocolate this Easter - just let Lo-Dough do the hard work for you!



Serves 9
  • 1 pack of Lo-Dough Brownie Mix
  • 18 mini chocolate eggs
  • 35g of dark chocolate

What you'll need

This diet-friendly recipe is possible with:

Lo-Dough Brownie Mix

Lo-Dough Brownie Mix

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  1. Make the Lo-Dough Brownie Mix and bake as per the packet instructions and allow to cool 
  2. Melt the chocolate (in a microwave in short 10 second blasts is easiest). Add a little dollop of chocolate to the centre of each brownie and place a couple of chocolate mini eggs on top.
  3. Drizzle over any leftover chocolate if desired. Additionally, if you have any extra eggs - you can finely chop and scatter those over too.
  4. Keep in the fridge in a sealed container for up to five days.

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