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Low Calorie Miso Brownies

Low Calorie Miso Brownies

Type: Brownie mixDessert Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow calorieLow carbLow fatSlimming friendly

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Miso is a fantastic savoury addition to low-cal sweet recipes...

We all know that salt and sweet work together well - and in the case of these miso brownies, we get a great twist on that theme. It's all about balance, but adding the right amount of white miso to our low-calorie Brownie Mix brings out an incredible salted caramel-like flavour in the cakes; albeit with it's own buttery, umami rich qualities.

Another bonus of combining our brownies with miso is the twin gut-health hit of fibre and probiotics coming together. This is gut-healthy food, with an ultra tasty, salty/sweet twist. 

An optional extra is to make up a simple drizzling sauce using miso and your favourite low-cal syrup. This will only add a few additional calories to each final brownie.