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Low Calorie Thai Curry Chicken Wrap

Low Calorie Thai Curry Chicken Wrap

Type: Wraps Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbLow fatSlimming friendly

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Enjoy Thai Flavours In A Low-Calorie Wrap

If you like Thai food, but are avoiding carbs, calories and fat for any reason, then this is the way to do it - Make a Lo-Dough wrap! 

Thai food is often characterised by the combination of heady, aromatic flavours - lemongrass, galangal, garlic, chilli, fish sauce, lime leaves - the list goes on. For a quick and easy hit of all those ingredients without having to seek them all out individually, the best bet is to buy a paste - now readily available in all supermarkets - usually in the form of red or green curry paste. 

For this wrap, we have gone with the red paste and marinated and sauced some chicken with it, serving alongside some salad and a few quick garnishes. 

You can cook your chicken especially for this, but we recommend it as a great way of using leftovers - after a Sunday roast would be perfect.

Low-Calorie Wrap

Another Low-Carb, Lo-Dough Meal Idea

The macros are something else: 254 calories, just 7 carbs and a fantastic 21g of protein and 10.3g of fibre -- but trust us, the flavour hold's up just as well!

To make a Lo-Dough wrap, we recommend you roll out your piece of Lo-Dough with a rolling pin, to thin it out and slightly alter the texture more towards a tortilla wrap. You can eat Lo-Dough as it is out of the packet, but we think this one power-move takes your wraps to the next level.