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Low-Calorie Mushroom & Pesto Pizza

Low-Calorie Mushroom & Pesto Pizza

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbVegetarian

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A Low-Calorie Pizza That Is Pure Veggie Indulgence

Mushrooms, gently fried with garlic and thyme... fragrant, moreish pesto... tomato sauce and lashings of rich mozzarella. Sounds good right? Well, believe us - it absolutely is!  This might be a vegetarian's delight, but we'd doubt very much if any confirmed carnivores could come away from this unsatisfied. 

All of this comes in at 366 calories, just 7 carbs... and that's for the whole pizza.  It also supplies an amazing 22g of protein and 11g of fibre... Pizza made with Lo-Dough is pizza like no other!

Low Calorie Pizza

Low-Carb Diet? Get Pizza Back On The Menu

At just 7g of carbs (of which, just 3g are sugar), this is pizza for any low-carb dieter... including those on a ketogenic diet. Your Lo-Dough pizza base is completely free of refined carbohydrate (it is comprised of little more than protein and fibre), allowing you to top up on indulgent toppings and fall back in love with pizza all over again. 

Treat yourself without going off plan - Make it with Lo-Dough.