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Low Calorie Veggie Bean Burgers

Low Calorie Veggie Bean Burgers

Type: Mains Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh proteinLow calorieSlimming friendly

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Low calorie vegetarian bean burgers full of taste

 High street bean burgers and veggie burgers are made into a super healthy meal when done with Lo-Dough. Low-calorie, low-fat, high-protein, super nutritious veggie meals done with very little effort.

These spicy Mexican-style beans burgers are twice the size (210g of burger - almost twice the weight of a quarter-pounder), and nearly half the calories of the shop bought veggie burger counterparts. They are so hearty and tasty and can be served alongside salsa and salad to create a balanced and nutritious lunch.

Low Calorie Veggie Bean Burger

It's just 145 calories!

At this many calories to enjoy a veggie burger, feel free to add a nice blob of sour cream alongside it guilt free.

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Our thousands of Lo-Dough users swear by these nutritional, low calorie alternative meals. Whether you are slimming for focused on your fitness and nutrition, going Lo-Dough can be a real game changer.





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Lo-Dough has 90% less carbs than a typical flour tortilla. Enjoy a whole pizza in under 300 calories.