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Skinny Apple Strudel

Skinny Apple Strudel

Have yourself a Merry little Lo-Dough

Type: Dessert Suitable For: Gluten freeLow calorieVegetarian

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Low calorie dessert recipes couldn't really be any easier

The pleasures of a sumptuous festive strudel are truly a joy to behold. The taste of the buttery pastry melting in the mouth, the warm spiced apples as they merge with scents of cinnamon, nutmeg and lashings of piping hot creamy custard. Mmmm.

The only problem? We’re looking at approx. 200 calories for a little tiny slice and who wants a little tiny slice? Not us.

It's no wonder we each pile on an average of 7lbs over the festive season. Come January, it’s easy to regret our overindulgences, but by getting creative in the kitchen it can be quick and easy to conjure up some cracking alternatives that are on plan and taste every bit as good as the real thing.

This recipe uses Lo-Dough as the pastry. Since we launched Lo-Dough earlier this year, we’ve been amazed at the wide range of uses popping up all over Instagram, from pizzas to pasties, toasties to tacos and even quiche and quesadilla.

The trick to this recipe is to use a rolling pin to roll the Lo-Dough really flat. This transforms it from a soft fluffy bread like texture to that of a delectable shortcrust pastry.

Lo-Dough makes for a great alternative to using fat laden pastry and this is where the major savings in terms of calories come from. Team this up with some Skinny Syrup to provide that extra sweetness and you’re onto a winner. Each slice contains only 122 calories, quark cream included. 

This Lo-Dough Christmas Strudel is a cinch to make, with the only tricky bit being folding it together, but if you take a bit of care, you should be fine and dandy. To make a whopping 12-inch strudel you need 3 pieces of Lo-Dough, a rolling pin and a little splash of water.

Here’s how we did it:
Lo-Dough Christmas Strudel
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Lo-Dough Apple Strudel
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