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Low Carb BBQ Lamb Wrap

Low Carb BBQ Lamb Wrap

Type: Wraps Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carb

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An incredible feast of a wrap and perfect for a low-carb diet! 

In the summer months, there is nothing quite like getting out the BBQ and cooking over coals! It's a healthy way to cook, it adds flavour and it's a great excuse to get outside. 

So this wrap - we're talking smokey, succulent lamb, and credible, flavoursome low-carb slaw, fresh salad and the all-important low-carb, high-fibre hit provided by Lo-Dough! It all makes for one hell of a meal and one that will satisfy your tastebuds and diet alike!

To make the slaw - shred a whole bulb of fennel,  half a red cabbage, half a celeriac and a couple of spring onions with a mandolin or knife - our you can even just coarsely grate them. Mix mayo, a little whole grain mustard, a little seasoning - and get this... a tablespoon or 2 of pickle juice to loosen and then stir through the veg. Trust us - it's delicious. It's not just for lamb - it'll work fantastically with meat, fish or even just a part of a veggie salad.

If the weathers not so great, this recipe works brilliantly with grilled steaks or even re-heated lamb from a roast dinner.