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Low-Carb Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Low-Carb Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbVegetarian

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Classic, Simple, Unbeatable... This Is The Low-Carb Pizza You've Been Looking For

Whether following a low-carb diet for fitness or for slimming, or even just looking to lower the calories of your pizza without having to compromise on the quantity or type of the cheese you use. This is rich tomato sauce (Nowt Poncy is our sauce of choice!), full-fat grated mozzarella and a few fresh basil leaves, using a Lo-Dough base as your low-carb saviour. 

By cutting down the carbs so dramatically, you automatically slash the calories. But with Lo-Dough, you also boost the fibre by a massive 9.3g (this is approximately a third of your daily recommended fibre intake). Fibre is another great dietary hack - it satiates you, i.e. makes you feel fuller for longer and it also aids gut health and digestion. This is pizza with benefits!

Low-Carb Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Low-Carb Pizza - What Are The Macros For Your Margherita?

Well, It's 303 calories for a start. Just 303 kcal for a whoe pizza. Secondly, it's 5g of carbs. 2g carbs from the Lo-Dough base, 1g from the passata and 2g from the mozzarella. As for the other macros, it's 19g of fat, 24g of protein and a huge 10g of fibre. 

This really is pizza like no other and it tastes fantastic - how could it not with all that cheese and tomato goodness?!

If you want to keep pizza in your diet, whilst still reaching your fitness and dietary goals, then it really is a no-brainer:

Make it with Lo-Dough.