Low Carb Grilled Cheese

Low Carb Grilled Cheese

Type: Toastie | Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh proteinLow carbVegetarian

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Low Carb Grilled Cheese Reinvented by Lo-Dough

Done in five minutes flat - this super simple low carb grilled cheese is a wonderful Lo-Dough invention with just 2.2g of carbs (yes, 2.2g!) - and it's keto friendly. 

 A universal favourite snack or meal, which has become healthier than ever before, with your high protein, high fibre Lo-Dough as a bread alternative. 

For us it's all about the crisped up crunchy bits, where the cheese has spilled out into your sandwich-maker/pan. Unbeatable. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or a midnight feast - is there ever a bad time to devour a grilled-cheese sandwich that's less than 350 calories? Perfect for Ketogenic diets, but certainly one for all. 

Low Calorie Grilled Cheese

Fun fact: The world record for eating grilled cheese is 47 sandwiches in 10 minutes. Recorded by major league eating was set by famous competitive eater Joey Chestnut in 2006. Imagine that 47 Lo-Dough grilled cheese sandwiches would be a whole lot healthier. 

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Our thousands of Lo-Dough users swear by these nutritional, low calorie alternative meals. Whether you are slimming for focused on your fitness and nutrition, going Lo-Dough can be a real game changer.
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