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Low-Carb Meatball Pizza

Low-Carb Meatball Pizza

Type: PizzaSouthern style coating Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carb

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Use Our Southern Style Coating To Make Delicious Meatballs

Then get them on a pizza - you won't regret it. A meatball pizza is very much a New York-style variant and obviously one for the carnivores. 

Italian style meatballs have long had milk-soaked breadcrumbs added to them to create a lighter texture and these are no exception to this rule. Adding a good handful of our Southern Style Coating in a splash of milk does exactly the same job, as well as seasoning and flavouring the meatballs.

Of course, you can serve your meatballs anyway you like (and once made, they freeze brilliantly), but to keep the meal ultra low carb, we recommend putting them on a Lo-Dough pizza. 

For perfect low-calorie meatballs, make them with Lo-Dough!  

Note - The cooking time includes the time it takes to cook the meatballs themselves as well as the pizza cooking time. If you make ahead and freeze, the cooking time will be dramatically reduced.

We recommend a handful of (soaked) breadcrumbs for every 100g of mince. 



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