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Low-Carb Orange-Cream Cupcakes

Low-Carb Orange-Cream Cupcakes

Type: Brownie mixDessert Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow calorieLow carbLow fat

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Using our brownie mix, you can make these incredible low-carb cupcakes in minutes 

Our just add water Brownie Mix is a cinch to use, but did you know you can create cupcakes in the microwave. You need a few silicone cupcake moulds (available cheaply online) and by in short two minute blasts you can turn our mix into light and airy cakes! You can add a little baking powder to the mix to give a little extra rise, but they'll still work just fine without it. 

Fill them however you like - in this case, we've gone with a wonderfully fresh cream and orange garnish.