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Low-Carb Sausage Meat Stuffing

Low-Carb Sausage Meat Stuffing

Type: Side Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carb

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For the carnivores among you, this low-carb stuffing would be perfect for Christmas and beyond

This force-meat stuffing is a brilliant way to bulk up the protein component of any roast dinner, while adding serious flavour to your plate. The beauty of a stuffing is it is totally customisable. You can add fruits, herbs and spices to match to the meat you are serving it with and by making it with Lo-dough instead of the usual breadcrumbs, you will ditching the carbs and boosting the fibre content of this awesome accompaniment. 

We recommend cooking stuffing separately to help the bird cook quicker and more safely - check out our guide to the ultimate roast turkey and gravy.