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Low-Carb Scotch Pancakes

Low-Carb Scotch Pancakes

Type: Breakfast Suitable For: High fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbLow fatVegetarian

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Make low-carb and low-calorie breakfasts with Lo-Dough

We've been inspired by the slimming blogger Debs from Taking her latest cinnamon pancake recipe as a starting point, we've brought it back to basics flavour-wise, allowing you to garnish the pancakes with pretty much any flavour you like. Here we've gone with the keto-friendly combo of Sukrin Fibre Syrup (which has a very maple-syrup like flavour) and creme fraiche. For slimmers, swap this high-fat accompaniment out for fruit and low-fat yoghurt - either way, the pancakes will suit both outcomes as they are insanely low in both calories and carbs and can be altered by simply changing the frying medium. 

Thick and fluffy, these pancakes are much more like American-style pancakes - otherwise known as drop-scones, as opposed to thin crepe-like versions more traditionally served in the UK. Lightly sweetened, they are yet another fantastic breakfast option from Lo-Dough's growing recipe catalogue. 

Low-Carb Scotch Pancakes

Using Lo-Dough as a low-carb baking ingredient is easy

To turn Lo-Dough into a baking ingredient, all you need to do is break it down to fine crumbs in a food processor/nutri-bullet. It will take approx 30. seconds of blitzing at the most. Once in this state (think of it as a flour replacement) - add eggs, milk and a little sweetener to create a thick pancake batter. Gently fry large spoonfuls of the batter in butter or spray oil (depending on your diet) to create four beautiful-tasting, low-carb and low-calorie scotch pancakes.





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