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Steak and Kidney Pudding

Steak and Kidney Pudding

Classical, Comforting British Favourites

Type: MainsPastry Suitable For: Low calorieLow carbSlimming friendly

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The classical, comforting steak and kidney pudding is a British favourite and makes for a delectable winter warmer. So good is this pudding, a certain 17th Century French visitor once wrote about it with the following appreciative words:

"Blessed be he that invented pudding, for it is a manna that hits the palates of all sorts of people; a manna, better than that of the wilderness because the people are never weary of it. Ah, what an excellent thing is an English pudding!"

This low-carb, lower calorie adaptation makes use of Lo-dough in a way that has never been seen before creating tender braised Steak and Kidney Pudding with red wine gravy flavoured with Thyme. The ‘potato mash’ was created using a secret layer of mashed root vegetables enclosed in a lo-dough lined pudding bowl.

Cooking the meat filling a day or two before will allow the flavours to deepen beautifully. You may also want to consider doubling up on the quantity so that the next steak and kidney pudding is a mere defrost away!

You will need 2 x 15cm ovenproof pudding bowls.