Ultra Low Carb Steak Pizza

Ultra Low Carb Steak Pizza

Type: Pizza | Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carb

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This is quite possibly the lowest carb pizza ever made. Listen up low carb and keto dieters - this pizza is made of the stuff of dreams. You don't even have to be on a diet to enjoy this unbelievably mouth-watering steaky pizza, but the fact that it is an astonishing 4.2g carbs for the whole thing just can't be ignored. 

How is such a low carb pizza possible?

Thanks to Lo-Dough, you can have an entire pizza base with is virutaly carb free (2.2g for the whole base). Does this mean it's high in calories? Not at all, it's actually only 39 calories per pizza base. Oh, and it's high in fibre, high in protein, gluten free, and suitable for vegetarians. Too good to be true? Not anymore. 


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Lo-Dough pizza comes in many, many forms, but ultimately, because of the incredible base, you can indulge with your favourite toppings and still stay well within your daily calorie limits.

We set our self the challenge to create the tastiest lowest carb pizza we could - and this is what we came up with. Bianca pizza with steak, chives, chilli and rocket. It's not far off being a Philly-Cheese steak, just in pizza form.

Making the low carb pizza of dreams  

Pizza is back on the menu with Lo-Dough, as it completely replaces what would normally be a high carb, high calorie, starchy bread. Pizza on a low carb diet is generally a no-no - which is what makes Lo-Dough such a wonderful game changer. To add to this, Lo-Dough is really high in fibre, so a Lo-Dough pizza will keep you nice and full, without getting that carb crash that comes with white bread. Basically, it’s a slice of fantastic news for low carb dieters. 

We flash-fried the steak in butter for a minute and put to one side in a bowl. Then halfway through the pizza cooking time, we added the steak on top so it still remained pink and juicy in the middle. Finally, we dressed the top of the pizza in the resting juices that had collected in the bowl. To say it was merely delicious, wouldn't do it justice. It was nothing short of epic. 

Ultra low carb steak pizza

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