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Low Carb Welsh Rarebit

Low Carb Welsh Rarebit

Type: Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow calorieLow carbVegetarian

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With Lo-Dough you bring the carbs down and the flavour up 

The first Welsh Rarebit recipe actually dates back to the 18th century - around 300 years ago, so to say this recipe has stood the test of time is putting it lightly. As with all recipes, there are several twists and variations - but you will usually always find strong cheese (cheddar is ideal), mustard and Worcester sauce. Some will call for beer, others something more like a bechamel sauce. We've actually used a low-fat creme fraiche - but more of that in the recipe below. 

Either way - it's the cheese and condiments that give rarebit its deep savoury flavour and makes it so satisfying. 

Low Carb Welsh Rarebit

Using Lo-Dough as your Low-carb bread replacement

By spooning your rarebit mix onto Lo-Dough instead of ordinary toast (including wholemeal varieties), you slash the calories and carbs, allowing yourself to indulge on your topping. Feel free to use a lighter cheddar if you like, but with a full-fat mature cheddar and Lo-Dough, this lunch or teatime treat still comes in at under 400 calories. 

New to Lo-Dough? 

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Lo-Dough is a near carb-free bread and pastry replacement that makes a perfect alternative base for a pizza-style dishes like this one, slashing the calories and carbs usually found in a pizza base. Lo-Dough clocks in at just 39 calories and 2.2g of carbohydrate - a massive saving on any other bread found on the market today.