Low-Calorie Mince and Onion Pasty

Low-Calorie Mince and Onion Pasty

Type: MainsPastry | Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbLow fat

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Use Lo-Dough As A Low-Calorie Pastry Replacement

There are few more comforting foods than pies and pasties - hot, straight from the oven, maybe with a little extra gravy. If you are trying to adhere to either a low-fat, low-carb diet or even a gluten-free diet, this kind of food is often off the menu as regular shortcrust and/or puff pastry is primarily made of butter and flour.

Now, thanks to the versatility of Lo-Dough, pies, pasties and puddings are back on the menu and tasting as delicious as ever, but with the calories and carbs slashed - Lo-Dough being approximately a fifth of the calories of puff-pastry. 

Low-Carb Pastry Perfection

Our pasty here is the perfect example of a pastry dish being a vehicle for using up leftovers. We had a mince and onion mix (mince, onions, carrots, herbs and a little bit of gravy) left over from another meal and decided the best way of breathing new life into it the next day was to transform it into a pasty. By placing approx. 150g of the mix into the middle of a piece of Lo-Dough and damping the edge of the piece with a little egg-wash, you can fold it over and create a seal around the filling. If you egg-wash the Lo-Dough before and during baking, you can build up a beautiful, golden, pastry-like finish. They can be served alone as a lunchtime treat, or partnered with mixed veg and more gravy as a filling evening meal. 

Obviously, your pasty and pie fillings will be dictated by your diet, so be watchful of what you put in as a filling - but clever cooking should be able to allow you to recreate most dishes you could think of - dessert pies included. 

So from a Cornish pasty to a spinach and feta bake, apple pie to custard tart, pastry is back on the menu for everyone, no matter what their diet.

 Lo-Dough Low-Calorie Pasty