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Supergreen Toastie with Avocado and Kale

Supergreen Toastie with Avocado and Kale

Calling alll Green Goddesses

Type: ToastieWraps Suitable For: High fibreLow calorieLow carb

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This one is for all of the green goddesses out there. Could there be a more delicious way to eat your greens? This Lo-Dough toasty hones in on superfood Cavolo Nero (otherwise known as Black Kale) and superstar LCHF ingredient Avocado.

January is a time for cooking lean, eating green and feeding the body with plenty of nutritional ‘high vibrational’ foods, and as far as eating this particular toastie goes, this is as close as we can get to our bodily cells having a mini celebratory dance. A thank you for the nutritional content of this incredibly low carb, high vibe lunch.

Top tip: Place a knife over the top of the Lo-Dough fold to keep the toastie firmly in place whilst putting the lid down on the sandwich press. Simply slide the knife out once the lid is in place.