Fitness Fuel Sardines on Toast


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Prep information

Prep time
2 minutes
Cook time
5 minutes
Recipe by
Marketing at Lo-Dough

Nutritional information (per portion )

204 kcal

Fitness fuel on low-carb bread - unbeatable

And a super-simple and highly economical late night supper (or breakfast, lunch or snack!) to boot. Open a tin of sardines, griddle your Lo-Dough and cut into toasts and them put them together. Five minutes later, dinner is served. You can add a sprinkle of flat parsley if you're feeling fancy - it adds a lovely flash of colour and fresh flavour, but this one is really all about the fish.

Fitness Fuel Sardines On Toast

In this case, one Lo-Dough creates more than enough for two people to eat - using one can of sardines (just 39p) each. It's high in protein, low in carbs and only 204 calories. It's the perfect post-workout snack. 

NOTE - Do not put Lo-Dough in a toaster.

Lo-Dough is:

low calorie | low carb | gluten free | dairy free | vegetarian | paleo | high fibre | high protein | fat free | sugar free | 39 calories per piece

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Serves 2
  • 1 piece of Lo-Dough
  • 2 tins of sardines in tomato sauce
  • A few leaves of parsley, finely chopped
  • Spray-oil

What you'll need

This diet-friendly recipe is possible with:

Original Lo-Dough Bases

Original Lo-Dough Bases

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  1. Heat up a griddle pan, give it a few sprays of oil and quickly toast your Lo-Dough until it has some bar marks on it and a slightly crispier texture - this won't take very long.
  2. Empty the tins of sardines into a saucepan, bring them up to a simmer and cook for around 5 minutes, ensuring they are cooked through.
  3. Once ready add the sardines on top of the toasts and sprinkle with parsley if using. Serve straight away.

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