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Low Calorie Seekh Kebab

Low Calorie Seekh Kebab

Type: MainsWraps Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow calorieLow carb

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A popular Indian starter turned into a filling meal with a Lo-Dough Wrap

Tantalising, spicy, filling and adaptable to different diets - this dish has got it all going for it. Not only that, but these make the perfect barbeque addition, with the flame and smoke making them even more authentic in taste.

We have designed our recipe to use spice blends rather than individual spices, making the recipe as accessible as possible. We have included all the salad ingredients in our recipe here - to adapt the recipe to fit your diet, you made need to leave a couple of things out - switch the tomatoes and onion for spinach and courgette if you want to lower the carbohydrate a little. Or have this as a treat and pick some of our super low carb recipes for other meals that day.

Low Cal Seekh Kebab

Using Lo-Dough widens your slimming options

If you are slimming, this is only 273 calories, so great for you. We've chosen low-fat lamb, but you could always switch for even lower fat, lean beef mince, or turkey mince. Because the Lo-Dough is so low-calorie and low-carb itself, you are afforded the freedom and flexibility. 

Lo-dough can be used intelligently and intuitively to fit any diet - try it today.