Slimming Chicken & Ham Pizza

Slimming Chicken & Ham Pizza

The ultimate Lo-Dough pizza for weight loss and calorie counting

Type: Pizza | Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbLow fatSlimming friendly

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What is it about the combination of base, cheese tomato and toppings that just keeps on giving and giving? Well, with Lo-Dough as your low calorie pizza base, you don't need to worry about the answer - you can keep on enjoying pizza over and over - knowing each time, it's not going to ruin your slimming plans. On a diet? Have a full pizza for just over 200 calories. Because Lo-Dough gives you leeway.

A low calorie pizza base means freedom 

Instead of a traditional/classic recipe, this one is a mix of supermarket bought favourites, as well as Nowt Poncy's Arrabiata (you can use any Arrabiata or normal passata if this isn't to hand) and Eatlean Cheese (normal cheese is perfectly fine, but Eatlean is great for shedding extra calories).

On top of that, it's ham, chicken, onion and chillis - a great low fat, high protein combination that will aid not just slimming goals, but fitness goals too. 

Slimmers Chicken and Ham Pizza

A Lo-Dough pizza base is a winner

It was previously unheard of to have a pizza base so much like bread but without the calories and carbs. Being able to put pizza back on the menu is one of Lo-Dough's proudest achievements. At just 39 calories per pizza base, it's nothing short of a revolution in the slimming and fitness world.


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