Slimming Chips - Healthy chips for slimmers

Our delicious, slimming chips are the perfect low-calorie side for countless Lo-Dough meals

Put your deep fat fryers back in the cupboard - these oven baked chips are just as delicious and we've got a simple trick to make them the crispiest slimming-friendly chips you'll ever eat. 

Low-Calorie Chips

The recipe for low-calorie chips couldn't be simpler. Using 1 cal spray oil and baking your chips instead of frying them is the way to do it - our special tip is to blanch, drain and then coat the chips in a light dusting of cornflour before spraying and baking. Trust us - once you've tried it, you won't want chips any other way. 

Healthy Chips

We've left the skin on ours for extra flavour and fibre, but the choice is yours. Either way, this method of making chips is a healthier and equally delicious way of making an unbeatable side dish.