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Slimming Friendly Chicken Shawarma

Slimming Friendly Chicken Shawarma

Type: Wraps Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbLow fatSlimming friendly

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A 260 Calorie Kebab Sliced Off The Skewer? No Problem

Shawarma (Donner is the Turkish variation) is a Levantine meat preparation of layering meat on a spit and cooking on an upright rotisserie grill. As it rotates and cooks, it can have shavings of cooked meat sliced off, ready to eat in a flat bread as a kebab, usually served with a simple salad and often a little mint and herb sauce too. Maybe chilli sauce if you are a spice-fiend!

This slimming friendly version uses lean, fat-trimmed chicken thighs coated and left in a fat-free yoghurt marinade with Spicentice's Turkish Donner Kebab blend (you can make your own blend of spices - but this one is super tasty and authentic!) and served in a Lo-Dough wrap. The Lo-Dough will dramatically reduce the calories and carbs usually found in a traditional kebab bread - be it, pitta, naan or flatbread.

You can trade in the thighs for breasts and reduce the calories further, but the final result will be a little less juicy - for our money, it's thighs every time. With enough for 8 satisfying portions, the shawarma itself is enough meat to feed a family of four across two separate meals - for variety, the leftover meat could be added to a curry the next day. That said, you might just love these kebabs so much, you'll have a second go at them...

Lo-Dough Chicken Shawarma

Making A Slimming Friendly Kebab At Home Is Easy

For home cooks, this may seem a little like hard work, but fear not: it's actually an incredibly simple recipe - marinade the meat, get the meat on a makeshift upright spit (two or three skewers stuck into a large potato - trust us!) and then place in the oven - outside of the time needed to marinade, the preparation will take only 15-20 minutes and while it cooks in the oven, you are free to do other things. 

At 260 Calories, 8g of carbs and 7g of fat per portion, kebabs are back on the slimmer's menu!