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Slimming-Friendly Fajita Pizza

Slimming-Friendly Fajita Pizza

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbSlimming friendly

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Mexico Meets Italy On A Low-Calorie Pizza Mashup

Another mashup pizza - but this one made with slimmers in mind (though frankly - all that protein will suit the fitness community mighty fine too!). We'd spent the day looking at a few fajita comparisons (Lo-Dough vs Supermarket fajita wraps. Spoiler alert: We won hands down!) and had a little bit of leftover fajita mix left. Well, at Lo-Dough, leftovers is never a dirty word and in this case, we immediately headed in the directions of pizza!

It's another winner - spicy smokey chicken, with onions and peppers, freshened up with coriander and placed onto a margarita - with just the right amount of cheese to keep you slimmers happy. The topping was made with very little in the way of oil (a few sprays) and using lean chicken breast and mixed veg to keep everyone on-plan. 

If you don't have fajita mix left over, you can easily use pre-cooked chicken dressed in a little spice, with peppers and onions - just stir-fry for approx 5 mins for the spices to coat and mix with the ingredients.

Slimming-Friendly Fajita Pizza

Low-Carb Pizza / Low-Calorie Pizza

No matter what pizza you are making, Lo-Dough will consistently deliver the lowest calorie and lowest carb result. The trick is that at least half (if not more) of the calories are usually hidden in the base. As for carbs - some bases contain nearly 30-40 times as many as a piece of Lo-Dough. They may be much bigger in size, but that's where the fibre content of Lo-Dough comes in - offering nearly 10g of fibre (linked with satiety, or in layman's terms, the feeling of 'fullness'), which is around a third of a person's daily requirement. Not only that, but fibre is hugely important in terms of gut health. Any way you look at it, you should be switching to Lo-Dough when it comes to pizza.   

So, if you are looking for something new to try pizza-wise, then maybe this chicken Fajita pizza could just be the one!