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Low Calorie Sticky Toffee Brownies


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Prep information

Prep time
15 minutes
Cook time
25 minutes
Recipe by
Michael at Lo-Dough

Nutritional information (per brownie (with sauce))

130 kcal

Prepare to have your mind blown by these low-calorie, sweet sensations

At just 130kcal per brownie and with a portion of the sticky, creamy, toffee sauce, get ready to be blown away by these brownie delights.

The sauce is made with single cream, sweetener, a handful of chopped dates and a little brown colouring. The brownies themselves are made as normal, just with a load of sticky, sweet chopped dates stirred through. For something so simple, you aren't gonna believe the flavour you can achieve.

Ten of the 14g carbs are coming from the dates themselves and so are a natural sauce of sugar. As for the rest of the macros, its all just a little bit of Lo-Dough magic!


Serves 9
  • 1 pack of Lo-Dough Brownie Mix
  • 100g dates, liquidised with some of the 250ml water you'll be adding to the brownie mix
  • 35g dates, finely chopped
  • 100ml cream
  • 50g sweetener
  • A few drops brown colouring/browning

What you'll need

This diet-friendly recipe is possible with:

Lo-Dough Brownie Mix

Lo-Dough Brownie Mix

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  1. Make the Lo-Dough Brownie Mix as per the packet instructions, adding the liquidised dates and remaining water.
  2. Add the mix to your lined tin and bake for 25 minutes at 190C.
  3. While this heats, gently heat your cream with the chopped dates, sweetener and colouring until well combined.
  4. Once ready, cut the brownie into 9 portions. Serve warm or cold, adding a good drizzle of the sauce over each one.

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