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Super Low-Calorie Veggie Burrito

Super Low-Calorie Veggie Burrito

Type: MainsWraps Suitable For: High fibreLow calorieLow carbLow fatSlimming friendlyVegetarian

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Behold! The most satisfying and tasty low-calorie burrito you could possibly make...

You wanna make burritos as low-calorie as possible? Make them with Lo-Dough... that's the key ingredient change that will give you the lowest calorie outcome for the greatest possible taste and belly filling satisfaction. 

Beyond that, it's all just tweaks. Go easy on (or leave out) the guac - it's healthy fat, but it's fat all the same - just be a bit more generous with your salsa and herbs to pack in the flavour. Switch the sour cream for fat free yoghurt (you won't notice the difference). Finally, pick super lean meat, or lose it entirely like we've done here - going with a bean and mushroom filling instead. The flavour is UNBELIEVABLE... trust us. 

Just roll your Lo-Dough flat with a rolling pin and get building that burrito!