Veggie Bianca Pizza

Veggie Bianca Pizza

Type: Pizza | Suitable For: Low calorieLow fatSlimming friendly

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Low calorie vegetarian pizza with a twist 

Up in the north of Italy they make pizza a little differently. Instead of the more commonly found tomato-sauce base, they use a white sauce usually comprising of crème-fraîche and gruyère cheese, with meat and veg on top. We challenged ourselves to come up with a low-calorie slimmers version and thanks to both the Lo-Dough and the cottage cheese/quark base, it comes in at 210 calories for the lot. 

We added onions, garlic and herbs into the cheese mix and then LOADED our base with lots of the tasty sauce and charred veg. It felt very substantial indeed and was super-tasty to boot. To be honest, we reckon half of this particular pizza and salad would be more than enough for a meal and that would put the pizza portion at a delightful 105 calories. 

It is not necessary to eat meat to get all the nutrients needed for good health. A person who chooses not to eat meat may enjoy better health, because they will eat more plant-based foods, and because they may be more active in making healthy choices.

Vegetarian Diets Have Huge Health Benefits

 It's widely known that a vegetarian diet is good for you, and not just because you tend to find lower calorie vegetarian recipes. You can also massively reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. It's also been linked to a reduction in cancerous growths. To top it all, eating a veggie diet, whether habitually or just once or twice a week , generally results in weight loss.