How to Manage your Lo-Dough Subscription

Step 1 - Access the Account Area


Alternatively, click on the account icon () located on the top right-hand side of the Lo-Dough website.

On mobile please click the burger menu and then click My Account.

Step 2 - Log In



You will be prompted to input your email address and password.

NOTE: Being a Lo-Dough subscriber doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve created an account.

If you successfully log in, please proceed to Step 5 - Account Home Page.

If an account has not been set up, you will be prompted to ‘try that again’. Please proceed to Step 3 - Account Registration. 

Step 3 - Account Registration

To register, simply enter your details as requested and create a password for your account.

NOTE: Your email address must match the one that has been used for your subscription.

If you are prompted with the below error message, it seems that you have already set up your account. If you’re unsure of your passport, select the ‘reset your password option’ and follow the simple password reset steps and try to log in again.

Step 4 - Account Activation

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will finally be required to activate your account. You will receive an email asking you to activate your account (this email might have been caught in your junk email folder so please check), once this has been completed return to the login page and input your email address and password.

Step 5 - Account Homepage

Your account homepage includes details of your shipping address, information on your previous orders and you’ll be able to access all of your subscription details by clicking the ‘View/edit your Lo-Dough Subscription’ Link. 

Step 6 - Subscription Homepage

Your subscription homepage will provide you with full details of your Lo-Dough subscription, you are able to view, edit or cancel your subscription from this page.

Step 7 - Delivery Schedule

The Delivery Schedule option will provide you with details of when your next orders are due to be processed and dispatched. If you’d like a skip a month, simply click on the order you wish to skip and select the skip option.

Step 8 - Subscriptions

The Subscription option will allow you to view any live or cancelled subscriptions that you’ve had in the past. Clicking the ‘edit’ link under the actions tab will provide you with all of your subscription preferences.

Step 9 - Edit your Subscription

Our subscription provides complete flexibility and allows you to edit your preferences at any point during your subscription

  • Change next charge date

You are able to bring forward or delay your next Lo-Dough subscription order, simply select the ‘Change next charge date’ link and use the drop down to change the date to when you require.

  • Quantity

You can also change the quantity of your Lo-Dough subscription if you would like to up your order to 2 boxes, simply click the ‘Change product quantity’ and select how many boxes you require.

  • Delivery schedule

If you require to edit the frequency of your subscription order, select the ‘Change delivery schedule’ and you’ll have the option to edit the frequency of your Lo-Dough subscription.

NOTE: If you require your order to be processed on the same date every month, this can be set up by us, pop an email over to and we’ll certainly get this arranged for you.

  • Update payment information

If your payment card has expired or you simply require to update your payment information, you can do this via this option, select the ‘Update payment information’ and follow the steps and provide us with your new payment details.

  • Shipping / Billing address

If you’re moving house or require your orders to be shipped at an alternative address, you are able to edit your shipping and billing address via this option. Select the ‘edit’ option under your address and input your updated address.

Step 10 - Billing information

The Billing information option will provide you with a brief breakdown of your current payment card details and the billing address relating to your account.

Step 11 - Purchase history

This option will provide you with a full history of all your previous orders, it gives you the perfect opportunity to see when you should expect your next delivery. Unless you’ve chosen our upgraded Royal Mail First Class delivery option (1 - 2 working days), our subscription orders will be dispatched via our standard free Royal Mail delivery option which we advise can take up to 4 - 6 working days from the date of order.

If you have any problems or queries then we are always happy to help. Just contact