Life is now filled with low-carb, low-calorie pizza.

"Lack of choice and bad tasting low carb bread alternatives was getting frustrating. When I found Lo-Dough I was incredibly happy by how it tasted great, was so low in carbs and calories, and was easily ordered online. Life is now filled with low carb low-calorie pizza and that makes me really happy!" - Hannah


Adding Lo-Dough into my diet has changed everything.

"A lack of interesting gluten-free meals was making mealtimes repetitive. I was always eating the same things like rice cakes or soup for lunch and rice dishes for my evening meal. Adding Lo-Dough into my diet has changed everything as it is so versatile. I can have wraps or toasties for a quick lunch and real meals like pies for an evening meal followed by a sweet treat like brownies. When I realised what a change Lo-Dough made to mealtimes it felt so great and I wanted to let everyone know. People were forever questioning why I was eating rice cakes so now don’t stand out at lunchtimes in work!

It’s also a relief to know that it’s so low in calories. I am a little worried at the thought of not being able to have it for some reason or if there was a postage strike!! I get a bit panicky when I realise I’m running low. I wouldn’t know what else to eat now!! I even take it with me when I go on holiday!" - Jane


Weight loss goals more achievable.

"It’s been so difficult finding a low-calorie substitute for bread. What a relief when I found Lo-Dough, it’s so versatile and filling. It makes reaching my weight loss goals more achievable." - Jo


I have greater control of my blood sugar levels.

"My glucose intolerance meant I needed to cut bread and dough products and I found there was a real lack of alternatives out there. Lo-Dough is simple to use, easy to store, and has so many uses depending on your imagination. I was relieved and happy to be able to make the foods I missed, especially breadcrumb replacements. Life with Lo-Dough is now much healthier and I have greater control of my blood sugar levels." - Karen


I now have Lo-Dough at least twice a week.

"I found it hard to keep variety in my diet while having lower macros for competing and it made my diet very boring! It’s very time consuming trying to find so many alternatives for bread or pastry. Lo-Dough is so versatile that it helps with SO MANY of these. It sounds strange but I just feel relaxed now. Lo-Dough means that I am able to achieve my goals yet still have food freedom so it has helped with my mentality a lot! I now have Lo-Dough at least twice a week trying new recipes all the time!" - Hannah


Never feels like I’m missing out.

"Lack of variety in meal choices that meet my macros and make me feel full has always beena challenge. Lo-Dough gives me the opportunity to still experience foods I love, try new ones and stick to my diet plan. It’s different because it is so versatile. It has meant I’ve been able to focus on my competition prep, food cravings are much improved and it never feels like I’m missing out. Meals now have variety without any guilt." - Rebecca


I’m so much happier & have more diversity in my meals.

"Double carbing was leaving me with a feeling of too much guilt and I felt like I was missing out on foods like pizza and quiche unless it was a cheat day. Having suffered from eating disorders all I saw was calories, fat content & too many carbs. It was like I wasn’t able to eat the foods I love and it made me miserable at times. I felt lost because I didn’t know how I could eat the foods I wanted without feeling bad.

I feel amazing now I’ve found Lo-Dough. It’s so versatile as well as being tasty, be it as a pizza base, pastry or wraps. So light & healthy! No longer am I worried about making a pizza midweek or double carbing. Enchiladas are back on the menu. I’m so much happier & have more diversity in my meals without the guilt. Healthy snacks & treats which I’d never consider eating before are now possible." - Jenny