6 Easy Low Calorie Pancake Recipes

Easy, healthy pancakes

Whether you like your pancakes plump and fluffy similar to American style pancakes, or more of a thin and flavourful crepe, it can’t be denied that pancakes are in the top tier of breakfasts. You can enjoy them with sweet and savoury toppings and, when made with the right ingredients, can provide you with a nutritious and fibre-rich meal. 

Lo-Dough base

How to make low calorie, low carb pancakes

Love pancakes but not gluten? Swap out the regular flour for a Lo-Dough base - blitzed up in a food processor to make bread crumbs - to create a gluten free and high fibre pancake batter. Top tip: to get ahead of time in the morning, make up your batter the night before and store in the fridge.

Banana Pancakes (367 kcals)

low calorie pancakes

If you like your pancakes stacked up, you’d be hard-pushed to get better than these. Packed full of fibre while keeping the calories to a minimum, this would be the perfect start to any day! 

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Scotch Pancakes with Bacon & Syrup (360 kcals)

Low carb pancakes

If you like your pancakes a little more savoury, try topping with bacon and low calorie syrup. The mixture of sweet and salty is not something to be missed. 

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Low Calorie Pancakes with Fruit (179 kcals)

low calorie pancakes

Pancakes topped with fresh fruit and a healthy dollop of yoghurt; all for under 200 calories? You read correctly. These pancakes are truly delicious and you have the lot for less calories than a small chocolate bar! 

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Chocolate Pancakes (198 kcals)

Chocolate pancakes

Indulgence doesn’t always equate to calories. These chocolate pancakes taste like a real treat, yet you can enjoy a generous serving for under 200 calories. The perfect low calorie dessert for any chocolate lover. 

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Low Carb Scotch Pancakes (157 kcals) 

Scotch pancakes 

Sometimes simple is best. Fluffy scotch pancakes served with your favourite toppings - creme fraiche, syrup, yoghurt - all for a little over 150 kcals. 

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Gluten Free Raspberry and Vanilla Pancakes (241 kcals)

gluten free pancakes

It’s often hard to find good gluten free options to replace flour that will keep its properties in tact. By swapping out your flour with Lo-Dough breadcrumbs (made by whizzing your base in a food processor), you can create an ace low calorie, gluten free pancake batter.

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