Frighteningly Healthy Pizzas

Healthy pizza making with a 'terrifying' twist

You only need to look at the countless pumpkins stocking the shelves of supermarkets to recognise that Hallowe'en is just around the corner. In this season frequently dominated with sugary sweets, we thought we would provide some savoury respite. We’ve teamed up with the original 1 calorie cooking spray, Frylight, to create some frighteningly good pizzas – perfect for entertaining the kids this half term!  

Cutting down on calories, carbs and sugar

By making your pizza with a Lo-Dough base, you can significantly reduce your calories and the amount of refined carbs and sugar you are eating - as each base is sugar-free and contains just 39 calories & 2g of carbs. You can find out more about Lo-dough here.

sugar free bread lo dough bases

Frylight Cooking Spray

Allowing you to use 95% less fat than oil, Frylight is the everyday, healthy cooking oil alternative. With each spray of Frylight containing just 1 calorie, you can save over 100 calories when using it in place of just one tablespoon of your regular poured oil. And with no artificial ingredients, it’s the perfect choice to crispy up your pizza bases before topping!  

Making your frighteningly good pizzas

What you'll need:

  • 2 pieces of Lo-Dough
  • Frylight cooking spray
  • Tomato purée
  • Tomato and BBQ sauce
  • Black olives
  • Grated cheese
  • Oregano
  • Mozzarella ball

How to make it:

    Step 1: Spray the entire surface a cold frying pan with Frylight, place on a medium heat and wait for it to clear.

    fry light spray


    Step 2: Place a piece of Lo-Dough in the frying pan and brown on both sides – each side should take around 15-20 seconds.

    lo dough frying pan


    Step 3: Spread the sauce of your choice right to the edge of your Lo-dough base – we opted for a high quality passata and some mixed herbs.

    lo dough sauce base


    Step 4: Evenly spread grated cheese right to the edge of your base again, then add your toppings – it’s time to get creative!

    lo dough base sauce cheese


    Step 5: Toppings! 

    For the spiders, we halved black olives and cut the remaining into small slices for the legs. We made the bigger spiders out of red and yellow peppers, cut into rounds with courgette legs.

    lo dough base toppings


    For the ghosts, slice a mozzarella ball and shape into raindrop like pieces. Add a couple of cut-offs for their arms and small pieces of black olive for their eyes!

    lo dough base toppings olives


    Step 6: Cook at 220°C for 7-10 minutes

    low calorie pizza oven


    Step 7: Finish off your spooky pizza with a delicious low-sugar BBQ sauce spiders web - then enjoy! 

    low calorie pizza autumn

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