Healthy Air Fryer Recipes | Easy Lo-Dough Recipes

Benefits of using an air fryer

If you’re into your kitchen gadgets, there’s no doubt you will have stumbled across air fryers. They’ve taken healthy fried chicken and social media by storm, and for good reason. There are loads of benefits to air frying your food compared to deep fat frying and even oven baking.

Air frying is a much healthier option that requires far less oil, helping to reduce overall calories and fat of your meal while keeping that delicious crispiness we all love. They are much cleaner - goodbye oil splatter all over your hob. Finally they don't kick out as much heat as standing over a pan of oil or next to an oven pumping out heat, helping to keep your kitchen nice and cool. 

healthy air fryer recipes

What’s the best air fryer? 

Air fryers come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have a basket style compartment for cooking smaller items, others look more like mini ovens. It all depends on what you want to cook in, how much kitchen space you have to play with, and of course your budget. For an entry level, basket-style air fryer, you can always rely on Aldi

Best things to cook in an air fryer

Pre-breaded or pre-fried foods like chicken tenders and fish fingers are perfect for air fryer cooking. Similar, cooking freshly breaded chicken, fish, cheese and vegetables; or freshly prepared fries are also perfect recipes for your air fryer. They require a lot less oil and still get that nice crispy exterior while staying moist or fluffy inside. Depending on the size and type and size of your air fryer, why not try pizza. You can't beat the cheese melt! 

Your Low Calorie, Low Fat Coating Saviour

Our Southern-style coating is your secret weapon for all things breaded and delicious. You can make easy and low calorie fakeaway chicken recipes, moreish breaded cheese snacks, and healthy breaded fishcakes - all with one coating. Plus is gluten free, non-greasy and low fat. 

Healthy Air Fryer Recipes

Chicken Air Fryer Recipes:

Low Calorie Breaded Chicken Drummers

Healthy breaded chicken

Easy low calorie breaded chicken made easy - and healthy - with some low calorie spray oil and an air fryer. 

Low carb southern style chicken

Low carb healthy breaded chicken

With our Southern style coating, making deliciously crispy yet low calorie breaded chicken couldn't be easier. 

    More Healthy Air Fryer Recipe Ideas: 

    Keto friendly breaded brie

     Low carb keto breaded brie bites

    Looking for the ultimate low carb snack? These keto breaded brie bites and super low carb and are delicious with our low sugar tomato chutney.  

    High Fibre Breaded Salmon

    Low calorie breaded salmon

    With our Southern style coating it's easy to make ow calorie and even keto breaded chicken and fish. Add some seasonal greens and avocado to this breaded salmon to make it the ultimate keto dinner recipes. 

    Low Calorie Onion Rings

    Low calorie low fat onion rings
    Having burgers for dinner? Or maybe just want a tasty low calorie size with your Lo-Dough pizzas. These awesome low carb, low fat onion rings are the side you want. 

    Breaded Tofu Vegetarian Noodles

    Low calorie vegetarian air fryer breaded tofu

    If you're looking for some easy vegetarian dinner ideas. Try adding some coated tofu cubes to your noodles for some great texture and flavour. 

    Low calorie jalapeno poppers

     Low carb jalapeno poppers

    Spicy, crunchy, creamy - these homemade air fryer jalapeno poppers are the perfect starter or side dish to any Mexican-inspired feast.