Healthy Homemade Tarts & Flans

Easy Sweet Tart Recipes 

While there’s still a bit of sunshine lingering in the evenings, summer tarts and flans are the perfect low calorie desserts to enjoy in golden hour. Whether you’re a fan of fruit tarts, Portuguese custard tarts or delicious baked flans, we’ve got recipes for all of your favourite homemade desserts and more. 

Low sugar flan

Gluten Free Pastry In Minutes

Lo-Dough bases make for the perfect pastry replacement. Not only are our bases gluten free but they only contain 39 calories each. This means you can enjoy all of the indulgence of the filling without having to worry about the high fat, calorific pastry casing. Head to our recipe section to find more quiche and savoury tart recipes

Low calorie chocolate tart

Chocolate Tart 

This rich, indulgent and smooth dark chocolate tart is just crying out for a healthy helping of cream on top. 

Low carb custard tart

Egg Custard Tart

Portuguese egg custard tarts have worldwide notoriety - and for good reason, they are delicious! This low carb egg custard tart is no different, and is one of our favourite desserts here at Lo-Dough HQ. 

healthy fruit tart

Raspberry and Custard Tart

If you prefer something a little more fruity, this is the tart for you. This would also work a treat as mini fruit tarts for a brilliant bite-sized dessert. 

healthy chocolate tart

Chocolate Orange Tart

A festive tart that we think should be enjoyed throughout the year. By swapping out the pastry for a Lo-Dough base, you significantly cut down the carbs of this desserts while keeping that delicious taste. 

Low sugar desserts

Low Sugar Vanilla Flan

Similar to a New York baked cheesecake, just smoother. This low calorie flan tastes like it contains your daily calories, yet it’s under 160 kcals per wedge and contains next to no sugar!