How To Eat Pizza On A Low Carb Diet

Whether you're following keto or a broader low carb diet, Lo-Dough pizza is your low-carbohydrate saviour

Pizza is a dish that many of us hold close to our hearts. It's wholesome, comforting, delicious, and therefore unsurprising, then, that it is one of the nation's favourite takeaways. However, not everyone can enjoy its delights due to the high levels of refined carbs and sugars often found in traditional bases, sugary sauces and carb-heavy toppings. Below you can find some simple tips that will allow you to enjoy this classic dish, without loading up on the carbs.

How low-carb is low-carb?

The definitions of low-carb varies, with some levels of carb intake working best for different people with different diets. For simplicity, 'Low-Carb' can be split into 3 distinct categories: ketogenic, moderate, liberal.

Ketogenic: 20g carbs per day

Moderate: 20-50g carbs per day

Liberal: 50-100g carbs per day  

low carb pie chart

Your pizza base

    Regular pizza bases are usually a no-no for those following a ketogenic or moderate low-carb diet. By swapping out a regular, carb-laden base for a Lo-Dough base, you can cut the carbs by more than 90%, reduce calories and simultaneously supplement your diet with the fibre it needs! A win-win! 

    Lo dough bases


    Make your own tomato sauce (or find a low sugar version)

      Shop-bought sauces are often sweetened and contain hidden sugars. There are some tasty low sugar sauces out there; one of our favourites is Nowt Poncy's Pizza L’ Amore. We’d also recommend having this simple, low-sugar pizza sauce recipe in your arsenal.

      lo dough bases tomato sauce


      Know your high carb vegetables

        If you are strict low-carb or even ketogenic, then some vegetables will align more with your diet than others. Onions, sweet peppers and pineapple (not a vegetable, and debatable that it belongs on a pizza at all) are some of the more carb-heavy toppings. Alternatives like olives, mushrooms, green peppers, and broccoli are tasty choices that will help keep the overall carbs down. 


        Avoid Flavoured Meats

          Pre-prepared and pre-marinated meats, such as BBQ or sweet chilli chicken, will naturally contain higher amounts of carbs. This is often because the marinades used will be sweetened by or will contain higher amounts of sugars. To keep the carbs to a minimum, either use unflavoured meats for your toppings or use a homemade, low-sugar marinade to add a bit more flavour. 


          Suddenly craving pizza? We don't blame you. Check out our tastiest Low Carb Pizzas For 10g Carbs or Less here.


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