Lo-Dough Goes Down a Storm at Be:FIT London

The team at Lo-Dough recently packed up their cooking equipment and ventured down to London for the UK’s largest celebration of fitness and wellness, sharing the good Lo-Dough news with the crowds.

Thousands of people came to the Lo-Dough stand to be a part of the action, where they took part in the ‘squat for pizza’ campaign - holding a squat for two minutes to burn off the calories consumed in a delicious slice of Lo-Dough pizza.

Squat for pizza at Be:FIT

Lo-Dough chef Mikey was hard at work cooking up a super healthy Be:FIT pizza as well as lovely fritters and some smash hit Lo-Dough chocolate brownies, all promoting the proud message of being able to eat the food you love without the unhealthy baggage of high calories, carbs and sugars.

Eat Pizza, Be Fit

Be:FIT London is attended by 18,000 people including celebrities, journalists and high profile fitness and nutrition experts as well as other like-minded food companies such as Eat Lean healthy cheese makers, who have collaborated with Lo-Dough in the #eatpizzabefit message. 

Lo-Dough staff with the #eatpizzabefit message

Lo-Dough Customer Experience Manager Aaqib was in amongst the crowd soaking up the atmosphere. He said: "What an event. Lo-Dough is still a new company and the team took to the road for Be:FIT not knowing fully what to expect, but wow.

"It was superb to see so many like minded companies with fitness-focused food and drink, Lo-Dough fit right in and the squat for pizza campaign was an absolute smash hit."

He added: "People still struggle to believe that you can have such indulgent food that is low calorie, low carb, and in line with your fitness goals. We were really proud to bring the magic of Lo-Dough to Be:FIT and spread the world."


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