3 Lunchbox Swaps That Will Give You More Energy

What is a healthy filling lunch?

For those on a diet, lunch and daily snacks can prove to be a sticking point, even the downfall of the dieter. At home, you have everything to hand and you are in control, but once out and about or in the office, your options become limited. Low calorie lunches are available, but can be a little drab. Low-carb convenience are vanishingly rare. 

Low calorie lunch

Healthy lunch box ideas
By making simple preparations with Original Lo-Dough bases, from simple Lo-Dough wraps to delicious quiche baked the night before, Lo-Dough lunches cut calories and carbs without cutting flavour, offering you an easy low-calorie lunch. Similarly our sweet options—Lo-Dough Brownies and our Miracle Cake Bars offer chocolatey low-sugar snacks without the calories and carbs. What's more, Lo-Dough's range of products offer a hit of fibre that will keep you fuller for longer. 

It's all about simple swaps:

1. Try swapping white bread for Lo-Dough.

2. Instead of fatty, and high carb crisps, go for fruits and bean-based snacks instead.

3. In place of full sugar snacks and fizzy drinks, swap out for healthier drinks, low-sugar pop or try our Miracle Cake Bars as an alternative. 

Nobody is saying you can't enjoy the things above sometimes, but you don't have to reach for calorific packet sandwiches and crisps every single time. Similarly, steer clear of microwave meals now and again, and try doing a bit of Lo-Dough home cooking for reheating or eating cold!

If you want to stay on plan, make it with Lo-Dough. Check out the amazing low-calorie recipes below for health packed lunches. 

Low carb wrap

Swap out white bread for Lo-Dough wraps

The simplest dish anyone can make with an Original Lo-Dough base is a wrap. You can use the base as it comes or roll it flat with a rolling pin, to make it more tortilla like. That's your choice. So are the fillings, but we'll say this: Be generous. Lo-Dough is doing the work for you reducing calories and carbs, so fill it with the good stuff and enjoy anything from cold low-calorie burritos, healthy salmon & cream cheese wraps, low-carb kebabs and more.

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Low calorie quiche lorraine

Lo-Dough is perfect for low-carb quiches, packed with protein and high in fibre.

With a little bit of preparation and baking, you can have quiche(s) made up one evening and ready for lunch the next. These cheesy, eggy wedges are the stuff of dreams and when made with Lo-Dough, they become an astonishingly healthy choice. Low-calorie quiches are here. Get your bake on!

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Low calorie fruit brownies

Brownies. Low-impact-carbs, heavenly chocolate indulgence.

Nothing beats a sweet treat and our endlessly adaptable brownie mix makes 9 incredible brownies. Make a batch on Sunday and you are good to go for a week of sweet treats starting at just 65 calories each. But why go basic - check out how you can make brownies that sing with just a few extra additions.

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Caramel Crunch Miracle Cake Bar

Lo-Dough Miracle Cake Bars. Snack without the sugar.

Our ready-to-eat low-sugar cake bars offer three flavours for you to enjoy. Perfect for a morning coffee or afternoon tea break, our tasty bars are just the thing for the on the go snacker. The hard work making the recipes sing and baking the cakes is already done. All you need to do is grab and go!

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