The Best Showstopper Cakes To Impress Your Friends | Healthy Baking

The Best Showstopper Cakes to Impress Your Friends 

Welcome to the world of simple, low calorie and low-carb baking with the Lo-Dough Vanilla Sponge and Lo-Dough Brownie mixes. Healthy? Check. Few ingredients? Check. Delicious, versatile and satisfying? Check, check and check!

Low calorie brownie mixes on a table with cake, brownies and muffins

If you are looking for easy, quick baking recipes that will delight you and your friends, then read on. We’ve collected some of our favourite cake recipes that will feed a crowd—whether you’re having afternoon tea, a dinner party, a meal at home with the family or just looking to have a sweet treat on stand by to keep you going though the week, Lo-Dough’s Vanilla Sponge Mix and Brownie Mix will deliver everything you are after. Unlike other cakes and cake mixes, ours are incredibly low in calories, carbs, sugar, whilst being a source of protein and super high in fibre. They are highly customisable and adaptable, perfect for making impressive dinner party desserts, show-stopping cakes, muffins, brownies and much more.

Low calorie brownie mix and low calorie vanilla sponge mix with chocolate cake

Easy Cake Recipes

But the best thing of all, is just how easy they are to use. Both our mixes are just-add-water and bake products. Brilliant just as they are, they will also quite happily take additional extras—flavourings, inclusions, fats, extra sugar if your diet allows. That versatility means with Lo-Dough products you can have countless easy cake recipes knocked up with minimal fuss, in no time at all. These are easy baking recipes with few ingredients. From easy vanilla cake recipes to flourless chocolate cakes, cheesecake bases to easy dinner party desserts, our low-carb cake mixes are just the ticket for dieters looking to enjoy cake without the calories.

For a bit of inspiration for those of you looking for easy baking recipes with few ingredients, check out our selection of recipes below. 

Lo-Dough's Easy To Make Cake Recipes: 

Low Calorie Guinness Chocolate Cake

This is an easy version of the Nigella classic that brings down the calories and carbs, makes the cake zero alcohol and still delivers incredible flavour!

Low Calorie Marble Cake

The best of both worlds - Chocolate AND Vanilla. This makes a double sized cake that will easily feed 10-12.

Poached Pear Cake

A perfect elevenses slice! Our fruity cake is made from just four ingredients and one of them is water!

Vanilla Sponge Celebration Cake  

A real showstopper of a cake. Perfect for an impressive dinner party dessert that doesn't come laden with sugar, carbs and calories  

Low Calorie Double Chocolate Cake

Flourless chocolate cake heaven. You won’t believe how incredible this one tastes for the low-carbs and calories.

New York Style Baked Cheesecake 

A dessert classic. This easy vanilla cheesecake recipes is just the ticket for those of you looking for sweet indulgence without the sugar.