The Easiest Low Calorie Brownies You'll Make

Easy, low-calorie brownies are yours with one simple swap

Brownies are a classic dessert recipe that comes in all shapes and sizes with endless variations of flavours and toppings. Traditional brownie recipes contain little more than butter, sugar, eggs, flour, chocolate and cocoa powder. But what if we said you could make delicious brownies with just 2 ingredients for a fraction of the calories, carbs, sugar and fat? As well as providing your body with a healthy boost in fibre and cutting out gluten. Below you’ll find the easiest, quickest and healthiest way to enjoy these heavenly, chocolatey squares.

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The Ultimate Low-Calorie Brownie

Our Lo-Dough Brownie Mix is like no other. To make 9 delicious, low-calorie brownies, all you need is one of our brownie mixes, some water, and a spare 30 minutes. However, they are by no means just for the calorie-conscious. Lo-Dough brownies are low carb (90% fewer carbs than a cafe-bought alternative), contain just 2.4g sugar, and contribute towards ¼ of your daily recommended fibre intake in just one brownie. 


Making Lo-Dough Brownies

Making delicious and healthy brownies doesn't need to be difficult. In fact, they are as easy as this: 

1: Pour your brownie mix into a mixing bowl

low calorie brownie mix

2: Add 250ml of water

low calorie brownie mix pouring

3: Mix well & smooth into a 7-inch 

low calorie brownie mix mixing

4. Bake for 18-20 mins on 190°C

low calorie brownie mix baking

5: Enjoy!

Low calorie brownies


As mentioned above, to make our basic chocolate brownies, all you need is one of our Brownie Mixes and water - that’s it. However, we often see our brownie mix as a blank canvas. As it’s so low calorie, it gives you the freedom to add in your favourite sweet extras - be them chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, sauces, or even turn them into a completely different recipe altogether. Check out all of our brownie recipes below:

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Try Our Amazing Low Calorie Brownies For Yourself

Our Lo-Dough bases are sold in pouches of 2 from just £3.25. Fancy a fakeaway or maybe something a little sweeter? Our brownie mix makes 9 delicious brownies, each just 65 calories and 4.1g carbs, and our Southern Style Coating makes the perfect non-greasy breaded coating for your meat, cheese and veg. To try it for yourself, simply click the shop here button below to discover the full Lo-Dough collection. 

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