Top 5 Mother’s Day Dessert Recipes to Spoil her Rotten

The best low calorie desserts which are as sweet as she is

We believe that nothing says “I love you” better than a beautifully prepared, scrumptious dessert which is actually good for you.

As Mother’s Day is upon us once again, we thought we’d share some of our mouth-watering recipes so you can really give mum the day she deserves.

So, get her to put her feet up, put the kettle on, and treat her to a special Lo-Dough delight which is both low in calories and high in love.

Whether mum loves a traditional bread and butter pudding, or something quirkier like a sweet chocolate dessert pizza, we have the recipes that will ensure she feels truly appreciated. As they’re so easy to prepare, you can treat her like a queen with less prep time in the kitchen (and more time for quality chatting!).

#1 Low Fat Raspberry and Vanilla Pancakes

Low Fat Raspberry and Vanilla Pancake


Don’t be fooled by the “low fat” aspect - these fruity creations are so rich in flavour, you really can have your cake and eat it. It’s hard to believe that something so indulgent comes in at just 241 calories - approximately the same as a 250ml glass of wine. Absolutely worth it. 

This is the perfect girly treat to add sweetness to your Mother’s Day, and with it weighing in at just 5g fat, we think she’ll be prouder than ever!

Click here for the Raspberry and Vanilla Pancakes full recipe


#2 Chocolate Dessert Pizza

low calorie chocolate dessert pizza

Even mums like surprises - and this unique and luscious dessert is one which is fit for queens. If you’re daring enough, this could even be an indulgent main meal - only not as indulgent as you might think at just 464 calories for the whole pizza. It’s fun, inviting and perfect for sharing on Mother’s Day.

The Lo-Dough pizza base is incredibly low calorie (39 per base) - making this a sweet option for a healthy mother-daughter dinner party.

Click here for the Chocolate Dessert Pizza full recipe


#3 Bread and Butter Pudding

low calorie bread and butter pudding

This is a top choice if you are focused on low calorie dessert - as when this is made with Lo-Dough - it totals just 149 calories - around the same as an average bowl of cereal (yes, really). Despite it’s mind-blowingly low calories, it is a filling and mouth-watering dessert which will impress even the fussiest of mothers. The proof is in the pudding.

Click here for the Bread and Butter Pudding full recipe

#4 Egg Custard Tart

egg custard tart low calorie

It’s hard to believe that such a hearty treat such as an egg custard tart could be so low in calories - but at 370 for the entire tart, it makes a wonderfully low fat mother’s day treat. This sweet treat goes so well with fresh fruit (we prefer strawberries, you can be as creative as you like). Take a look at the full method linked below too, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make. A real mum’s day win.

Click here for the Egg Custard Tart full recipe


#5 Low Calorie Ginger Cookies

low calorie ginger biscuits

Lo-Dough ginger cookies that can be enjoyed at just 21 calories per piece? We think daughter of the year awards could be going out for this one. Rather than your expected dessert styles such as cakes and tarts, these fun and cute little characters can brighten up any Mother's Day lunch, coffee afternoon or even after dinner dessert. 

Click here for the Low Calorie Ginger Cookies full recipe