How Lo-Dough Enables Fitness, Power & Nutrition

Maximising your fitness goals through food is nothing new.

But doing it with an innovative, never seen before bread and pastry product is a new way of doing healthy eating. We have outlined the main ways that using Lo-Dough, whatever dish you are rustling up, can help you achieve better fitness.

The creation of Lo-Dough as a bread, pastry or pasta alternative has opened up countless doors for maximising nutrition and improving fitness through food. Improving your fitness, managing your macros, and generally looking after your health has been made easier than ever with this incredible innovation.

1.Your macros are supported

Low calorie Lo-Dough pizza

The three macronutrients for a healthy diet are easily addressed with Lo-Dough, regardless of your plan.  Lo-Dough allows you to keep your macros on point whether you are focused on losing weight, building lean muscle, or improving your general fitness.

Lo-Dough is high in fibre and low in carbs, with any fat content you consume down to the dishes which you make with it.

The importance if getting the right balance of your macros is known only too well at Lo-Dough, which is why Lo-Dough recipes are varied between different fitness and health goals.

Getting the right balance with your macros can help you lose weight, or to build muscle depending on your personal macro goals.

2. It’s great to coincide with your fitness regime

Fitness regime

Body goals achieved through food - this is what Lo-Dough offers. Lo-Dough itself is sugar free and has high protein/fibre content, but the recipes on the website offer various dishes which are great for eating before or after working out.

The body goals pizza is a great example of a low calorie pizza recipe which is actually packed with nutrients for energy and hitting the gym.The raw spinach and finely sliced peppers, along with a nutritional Lo-Dough base, makes for a superb meal which proves that pizza can be very good for you.

3. You feel fuller for longer

Feel full with Lo-Dough

High fibre means feeling full and satisfied for longer, and nutrition in general is way above and beyond what you would expect from a bread and pastry alternative. Eating a Lo-Dough diet means loading up on the good stuff and enjoying things like this healthy lamb kofta kebab or a low calorie high protein quiche Lorraine.

4. It addresses specific dietary requirements

Lo-Dough quiche

From the body goals fitness pizza to dairy free dishes to even keto chorizo fritters, Lo-Dough prides itself on keeping as many specific needs in mind as possible. Lo-Dough is not only your bread and pastry alternative, but also...

gluten free | dairy free | fat free | low carb | sugar free | high in protein | high  fibre | vegetarian | 39 calories per piece 

This opens the doors for specific requirements, including vegetarian recipes, or even a dairy free pizza, which we loaded with pine nuts, broccoli pesto puree, seafood and garlic, making it possibly one of the most fitness-focused pizzas ever invented.

Lo-Dough wrap

Nutritionist Emilia Thompson said: “As an intuitive dieter, Lo-Dough provides an easy way to ensure delicious food with relatively few calories. Foods that are easy to fit in to a dieters’ lifestyle whilst still enjoying maximum variety and taste are hard to come by.

“With so many potential uses for Lo-Dough, it really does encourage dieting variety.

I’m a Nutritionist, so am keen to find foods with a high fibre content to help satiate people (and therefore reduce hunger) when they’re dieting, so Lo-Dough covers that and it’s far more filling than regular, higher calorie wraps and breads (myself and clients have tried them all).


Emilia Thompson Phd with Lo-Dough pizza

For myself, Lo-Dough offers a way to enjoy pizza, my ultimate favourite food of all time, whilst supporting my diet goals simultaneously. There’s no need to avoid eating with friends or going on a date, when you can cook food that doesn’t taste or look like diet food (social isolation when dieting can be common). What more could a health- and happiness-conscious, dieting Nutritionist want from food."


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