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Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwich

Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwich

Type: Breakfast Suitable For: Low carb

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Low calorie breakfast recipes from Lo-Dough

Using just one piece of Lo-Dough, we have managed to re-create a takeaway English breakfast classic sandwich, but with the difference being that ours clocks in at just 319 calories. Sausage, egg, crispy bacon, cheese and a Lo-Dough breakfast fritter stack up inside two smaller pieces of Lo-Dough. 

There are a few different things to pull together from a cooks point of view, but no more than something like a full English breakfast - as with that, it's all about having individual items prepared and getting timings right.

Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwich

For the neat circular shape, you will need a 10cm ring/cutter.

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