Chapatis with Simple Chicken Curry

Chapatis with Simple Chicken Curry

Rich and spicy homemade comforts, the low calorie way

Type: Mains | Suitable For: High proteinLow calorieSlimming friendly

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Low Calorie Chapatis with your Favourite Chicken Curry

You certainly don't need to compromise on flavour in order to achieve a tasty curry that's kind to your waistline. Here at Lo-dough, we’re all about full flavoured food without the excess calories, and this curry, in particular, is one of our personal all-time favourites.

Whilst there are plenty of protein-rich foods you could experiment with, Chicken is lean, packed with protein and super tasty! The powerful medicinal properties of Turmeric and Ginger, combined with the antioxidants of the chilli add a healthier  touch to this outrageously good, low-calorie meal. 

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