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Ultra Low Calorie Chocolate Pancakes

Ultra Low Calorie Chocolate Pancakes

Type: Dessert Suitable For: Gluten freeLow calorie

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Low Calorie Chocolate Pancakes Made Possible

Do you like pancakes? Sure you do! Do you like Chocolate? Of course you do. Well, now you can put the two together with Lo-Dough for just 145 calories. Yes, you heard that right - 145 calories for chocolate pancakes. This is a serious dessert - indulgent and very moreish. You'll need to plan 30 minutes in advance - the Lo-Dough needs soaking in its chocolatey bath, but beyond that, it's incredibly easy to make. 

Ultra Low Calorie Chocolate Pancakes

The ice cream we have chosen is the delicious and low calorie 'Oppo Madagascan Vanilla'. Two scoops of this beauty with our chocolate pancakes is just 219 calories. 219 calories for chocolate pancakes and ice-cream. We wholeheartedly recommend it - on taste and as a low calorie option.

Inspired by low calorie dessert recipes? See this wonderful low carb tiramisu for the perfect after dinner treat or snack 

Lo-Dough is:

  • Gluten free
  • Fat free
  • Sugar Free
  • High protein
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Only 39 calories per piece

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Lo-Dough has 90% less carbs than a typical flour tortilla. Enjoy a whole pizza in under 300 calories.