Low Calorie French Toast with Cinnamon

Low Calorie French Toast with Cinnamon

Type: BreakfastDessert | Suitable For: Gluten freeLow calorieLow carb

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Start the day with a super low calorie breakfast

A perfect low-calorie sweet breakfast treat, these cinnamon french toasts are only 141 calories and 7g of carbs for the lot.

This is a recipe to fit your dietary needs, whatever they are. Slimming or working out? Serve with low-fat yoghurt and fruit. Keto? Maybe enjoy them with some melted butter and lose the fruit. 


Low calorie French toast is living the dream

Whatever delights and delicious additions you choose, the pancakes themselves are a delicious base for you to get creative.

Note: these need time to soak up the sweetened egg mixture - around 2 hours minimum, or overnight if planning for breakfast the next morning. 

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