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Low Calorie Creamy Chicken Pasty

Low Calorie Creamy Chicken Pasty

Type: MainsPastry Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh proteinLow calorieSlimming friendly

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Revolutionise your cooking with low calorie pastry alternatives 

Can pasties be good for you? Oh yes, they certainly can.

This is pastry done like never before. This creamy chicken pasty is done with Lo-Dough as a pastry alternative to create a low calorie, high protein and high fibre meal which promotes healthy eating. 

A creamy chicken pasty from the high street is loaded with fat, carbs and calories that are a no no if you are taking care of your health and weight. How amazing then to be able to revolutionise pastry forever!

Low Calorie Creamy Chicken Pasty

This creamy chicken pasty comes in at under 250 calories and yet is packed full of chicken - with flavoursome, mustard-like, creamy sauce. It's easy to make too - most of the cooking time below involves leaving well alone in the oven. 

Eat one on the fly as a quick meal, or serve alongside some vibrant greens for a perfectly balanced and tasty meal. 

Note: the picture above shows two pasties - one is as much as you'll need, trust us! 

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