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Low Calorie Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Low Calorie Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Low calorie, fitness focused ice cream cookie sandwich

Type: Dessert Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow calorie

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This low calorie ice cream cookie sandwich is to die for and is perfect for your fitness goals and losing weight. On a cut diet? Enjoy your ice cream and cookies. 

Using Lo-Dough Cookies and Oppo Ice Cream to create an ice cream sandwich is the perfect way to cool down in the hot weather without needing to worry about the calories you'd usually expect to find in this summertime favourite.

Low calorie ice cream cookie sandwich made easy

Less a recipe than a serving suggestion, just squeeze two scoops of Oppo ice cream into a rough cylinder and sandwich between two Lo-Dough cookies for the finished recipe. 

Low Calorie Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Lo-Dough is:

gluten free | dairy free | fat free | low carb | sugar free | high in protein | high  fibre | vegetarian | 39 calories per piece 

If you think Lo-Dough chocolate chip cookies are great, take a look at the other healthy desserts and low calorie baking recipes which make a once unhealthy food into something which fits in around your fitness goals and macros. It goes without saying that losing weight or being on a weight loss diet is made easier and freer than ever before with a delicious bread and pastry alternative like Lo-dough.

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