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Keema Naan

Keema Naan

Lo-Dough as your naan means low carb like never before

Type: Mains Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carb

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Depending on the size, you are usually looking between 500 and 900 calories for a standard naan bread. Lo-Dough is an incredible 39 calories per naan - cutting out a huge intake of calories, and adding almost no carbs. 

Two pieces of Lo-Dough

Low carb bread done differently

Lo-Dough is much more than an alternative to bread (or naan, in this case), it's a low carb bread and pastry alternative which can be used in a number of different ways. One of the most popular ways of using Lo-Dough is as a healthy pizza base - but on this occasion we are using it as a super low calorie (virtually carb free) naan stuffed with delicious keema lamb. It's an Asian classic that could be a superb Friday night feast, only without the calories and carbs. This is why Lo-Dough has taken the world by storm.

A shop bought curry paste and a few store cupboard staples turn your lamb mince into something full of incredible flavour and savour. You can make the lamb mince mix ahead of time and just have your Lo-Dough ready to spoon it onto for the next couple of days.

Keema Naan

Due to its high fibre content, Lo-dough won't leave you wanting more. Serve alongside your favourite curry (why not try veggie, now the meat element of your meal is covered?) instead of rice or the usual naans and watch the calories and carbs fall away.

Because Lo-Dough gives you leeway...

Emilia Thompson - Lo-Dough gives you leeway


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